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My job is to capture the warmth of emotions as well as smiles of family members and friends. When you look at your wedding photos over and over again, you will not only remember this event — you will relive it. 

A wedding reportage consists primarily of emotions. These are amazement, first look, laughter, tears, anticipation, goosebumps, joy and euphoria! 

I can surely say that my pictures are not the most fashionable or the most glamorous. I don’t stick to the current trends or fashionable color tones. I want my images to be vibrant, authentic and pleasant.  So that they do not lose their meaning after years.

If you think that the photos should be emotional, full of joy and accurately reflect your feelings at the moment, also reflect your wedding in detail, if you like decent and natural colors or stylish black and white images — then we are on the same wavelength! And finally, if you love each other like crazy, if you enjoy every moment together, if you are ready to look at each other with affection and love all your life —  then you are definitely my client, and I am definitely your photographer!

E-Mail: photo@nikitaburtsev.com

Instagram: Nikita_Burtsev_Fotografie

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Kontakt Nikita Burtsev

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