What happens after we have sent you a request?

Based on the information I have about your wedding and my many years of experience, I will create a special offer for you and invite you to a first video call.

Is a video call absolutely necessary?

Overall, a video call helps to build a positive working relationship between myself as the photographer and my couple to ensure that the photographic coverage of the wedding meets expectations. It is an opportunity to get to know each other and ensure that both sides are on the same wavelength when it comes to realizing the photographic vision.

What should we pay attention to when reviewing your portfolio?

Firstly, I would like to emphasize how important it is that the photographic style aligns with your preferences. As a photographer, I strongly recommend you to thoroughly examine complete weddings in my portfolio. This is the only way you can get an idea of what the coverage of the day might look like. 

Some photographers unfortunately showcase mainly short bridal sessions, lasting about an hour, which reflect only a fraction of a complete wedding day under specific lighting conditions. 

In my portfolio, you will find a comprehensive representation, from getting ready to the lively party.

Do you work with a photography contract?

A photography contract is an indispensable tool for me to ensure a transparent and professional relationship between the wedding photographer and the couple. It provides clarity, protection, and commitment for both parties throughout the entire process, from booking to delivering the final photos

What happens after we have signed the photography contract?

After both parties have signed the contract, I would send you an advance payment invoice via email, amounting to 30% of the total sum. Payment is to be made via bank transfer.

How do you technically ensure that our content remains of the highest quality and nothing happens to it?

I use the latest camera technology and consistently ensure that it is up to date. Additionally, I have all of my essential equipment duplicated. To eliminate any risks, I employ a three-step backup system, which I have continuously optimized over the years.

Do you also offer photo books?

Of course, I also offer high-quality photo books. A photo book creates tangible memories and allows the reliving of special moments. It narrates the story of the wedding day in a comprehensible sequence, showcasing the day in its entirety.

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Do you also offer videographic services?

Of course! In my team, I also have a professional videographer who, just like me, has an eye for the special moments on your wedding day and captures them in an emotional wedding film. Since we operate as a team, the duration of both photo and video coverage is the same.

Portfolio with wedding films

Do you also offer drone photos and videos?

Absolutely! The drone is my flying camera. The use of drones in wedding photography has become an essential element, elevating the magic of the big day to new heights.

Drone Captures

Do you also take analog pictures?

Oh yes, many of you and your parents had a film camera at home. For me, it’s also a warm memory from my childhood. Analog wedding pictures bring a timeless elegance to modern photography. The characteristic grain, natural tones, and soft contrasts give the photos a romantic touch. After the wedding, you will receive, in addition to the complete digital wedding series, a small series on film.

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What would happen if you are unexpected unable to attend our wedding?

Should unforeseen circumstances prevent my personal presence at your wedding, I have arrangements in place. I collaborate closely with a network of skilled photographers. In case of my unavailability, I would ensure the selection of a qualified replacement who aligns with my high standards of quality. 

How long do we have to wait for our photos after the wedding

Typically, I provide the finished photos within 6-8 weeks after the wedding in an online gallery. My goal is to provide the photos to you as quickly as possible without compromising on quality.

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